Extraordinary Planning Meeting held in the Parish Council Chamber,
Station Road, Codsall on Wednesday 27th August 2008 at 7.00pm.

Parish Councillors Dr M Ewart (Chair), Barrow, Chapman, Forster, Kenyon, Owen and Walls.

Parish, District & County Councillors R.Marshall.

Apologies were received from Cllrs Campbell, Etheridge, Holland, Michell, Millar, Oatley and Stovin.

Whilst Councillors Holland and Oatley did not formally participate in the meeting, attending as members of the public they both considered it prudent to declare an interest in application 08/00835/OUT, Safrans, Whitehouse Lane, Codsall Wood.

Both Councillors Holland and Oatley are neighbours.

The Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on the 23rd July 2008 were received, unanimously approved by the meeting and immediately signed by the Chairman.

Limited to 2 minutes per speaker and 15 minutes overall.

Mr Brian Holland speaking from the public gallery as a member of the public outlined the various reasons why he and many of the other residents of Codsall Wood consider that the application for the development of 5 dwellings at Safrans, Whitehouse Lane, Codsall Wood should be refused.

Councillor Holland outlined that the proposed development site was substantial, but questioned whether this type of development is in keeping with this small rural hamlet. Mr Holland then summarised various reasons for rejecting this application:

· The Current infrastructure is incapable of taking further development.
· Trees will need to be removed which may impact on the tree preservation orders on this site.
· In relation to the small hamlet of Codsall Wood the proposed building of 5 houses should be considered as over development.
· The access and visibility onto this narrow lane from the site is restricted; the lane currently carries a disproportionate high number of vehicles.
· Safety of pedestrians/residents is at risk, there are no footpaths or pavements on this narrow lane, and it is already dangerous without the increase in traffic that will be produced by this development.
· The character of the hamlet is partly defined by the hedgerows and this development could see the loss of hedges currently bounding this property.
· There are insufficient parking spaces on the proposed development this narrow country lane is too dangerous to accommodate on road parking.
· Sewer problems are too regularly encountered following heavy rainfall where sewage is pushed up through drains, manhole covers and residents w.c.’s which indicate that the infrastructure is already overloaded.
· The proposed development is in conflict with the pattern of development. Codsall Wood has developed over the years on a ribbon pattern and this proposed development completely changes the character of the area with this backland development.
· The proposed development is also poor in relationship with neighbouring buildings.

Mrs Sonja Oatley, again speaking from the public gallery as a member of the public, endorsed everything that Mr Holland had stated particularly stressing the excessive scale of the development and the inadequate sewage system. Mrs Oatley further added that should this development be approved this would be imposing urban development conditions on a traditional rural hamlet and would soon lead to the destruction of Codsall Wood as we know it. Mrs Oatley further endorsed that this very narrow lane without pavements already carries a large number of vehicles some travelling well above the speed limit and any further development will only make the situation worse, endangering the lives of pedestrians particularly children who use this lane to access their own homes. There are insufficient parking spaces on the proposed development and parking on this narrow lane will further exacerbate road safety.

Mrs Hartley a Codsall Wood resident spoke on behalf of the residents twenty of whom were in attendance this evening. Mrs Hartley endorsed everything Mr Holland and Mrs Oatley had said and adding that whilst she had only lived in Codsall Wood for approximately 11 years. Developments of an estimated 11 houses in recent years had meant that residents had lived on a virtual building site for several years, with the builders having total disregard for residents with mess, inappropriate parking and often abuse.

Mrs Hartley added, that in endorsing everything that Mr Holland and Mrs Oatley had stated that she and many other residents are concerned that a development of this nature would set a precedent. Other properties in Codsall Wood could be demolished to make way for similar backland development and completely destroy the rural village of Codsall Wood.

Other residents further endorsed everything that had been said but also asked Councillors to consider the loss of privacy to adjoining neighbours and particularly endorsing the regular sewer problems, particularly occurring following heavy rain, it was also pointed out that the proposed development will mean the loss of the drainage ditch currently in front of the existing site which will further exasperate the flooding issue. 4 near neighbours had had their garages flooded during the recent heavy downfalls.

The following Planning Decisions from South Staffordshire Council were received and noted.

08/00593/FUL Ground floor rear extension
Wheatstone Cottage, Moatbrook Lane, Codsall Refused

08/00639/FUL Stables and feed room
Lot 4a Hushpins Lane, Codsall Wood Approved

08/00640/FUL Boundary fencing, walls, pillars and wrought iron gates
Histons House, Histons Hill, Codsall Approved

08/00625/FUL Porch extension
6 The Paddock, Codsall Approved

08/00561/FUL Proposed dwelling and garage
Land adjacent Thistle Cottage,
Church Lane, Codsall Wood Withdrawn

08/00666/FUL New roof, rear door and window to existing conservatory
16 Elliotts Lane, Codsall Approved

08/00680/FUL First floor extension over garage and single storey rear extension
19 Elliotts Lane, Codsall Approved

Resolved that the following recommendations be made to South Staffordshire Council:

08/00835/OUT Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 5no two storey dwellings and detached garages
The Safrans, Whitehouse Lane, Codsall Wood
Councillor Brian Holland and Councillor Sonja Oatley left the meeting before discussion of this application took place.

Chairman Councillor Matt Ewart requested Councillors views and recommendations.

Councillor Marshall recommended refusal endorsing the many observations made by residents. Cllr Marshall is particularly concerned on the highway access onto this narrow and twisting country lane with no pavement and the safety of pedestrians. Councillor Marshall also endorsed the inadequacy of the sewage system and the increasing problems for residents during heavy rainfall.

Every councillor present spoke and endorsed everything that had been raised.

Chairman Councillor Matt Ewart advised the meeting that Councillor Marshall made a proposal for Refusal he asked for an endorsement which was seconded by Councillor Chapman and unanimously endorsed by the meeting, with the following reasons for refusal to be recommended to the planning authority.

Over development
Dominating near by buildings
Conflict with the pattern of development
Poor relationship with adjoining buildings
Conflict with the character of the area
Inconvenience for and safety of pedestrians
Road system is inadequate
Prejudicial to highways safety
A loss of historic street pattern
Loss of important trees, hedges and possible loss of tree preservation order trees
Insufficient parking spaces
Public sewers are inadequate
Risk of flooding, or increase to flood risk
Threat to the health of occupants from increased flooding and sewage overflows.

08/00870/FUL First floor front extension over existing kitchen widen existing rear dormer and canopy front
3 Ashley gardens, Codsall

Consultation on application to carry out works to trees protected by TPO
TPO/ 9/1963 T8 Sycamore – Crown thin by up to 25%
5 Vaughan Gardens, Codsall
Any concerns to be received in writing on or before 28th August 2008.

Councillor Walls advised that he knew this tree well, and it was a superb specimen, probably the best in the area. Councillor Walls recommended objection to the proposal if it is for aesthetic purposes only, however no objections would be raised if it is considered prudent and necessary on health and safety grounds. This was unanimously endorsed by the meeting.

Wednesday 10th September at 7.30pm